• Comprehensive solutions for warehousing and production areas
    Comprehensive solutions for warehousing and production areas
  • Concept. Design. Implementation.
    Concept. Design. Implementation.
  • Wide range of standard products
    Wide range of standard products
  • Individual projects on special request
    Individual projects on special request
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    Professionalism and involvement
  • Latest production technology
    Latest production technology
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    Knowledge. Experience. Advice.

Standard products

Standard productsSince founding, our company focused on the issues of storage and internal transport, which allows us to work out a line of products that best fulfil their role in specific industries our Customers operate in.

Natom's offer includes many standard products and storage accessories essential in every warehouse – these provide a more efficient and safer work.

The pallet rack accessories we offer, such as protective posts, corner protectors, security for shelf ends or netting for shelves, make up the basic assortment applied in every warehouse. Protection system for pallet shelves NATOM READY is distinguished by variable size of panels, adjustable to shelf dimensions. Due to that, the whole shelf fits in perfectly and the installation requires no cutting of metal components.

Our offer also includes other elements of protection equipment for halls and warehouses: protective bollards, railings, systemic trolley guides and wheel guides.

A separate group of products that Natom specializes in consists of mesh shelves and separators used in warehouses for storing and protecting merchandise. We offer standard shelves with the bearing capacity from 250kg to 1000kg in three types, similar to mesh separators - heights of 200mm, 300mm, and 500mm.

The storage systems are supplemented by sump trays and drip trolleys that allow storing and transporting containers with hazardous substances safely.

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Mezzanine is a flat surface that divides the building into floors, and is used for optimizing storage space. Due to additional floors, new space is acquired that can be adjusted e.g. to storing products or for office space.